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Home is no sense of comfort
I’ll stray to the forest and build up a tree fort.
Out of the sticks that you’ve gave me,
by the river when I was young.
Self-respect, is such a strong word
I can’t comprehend how many times I have tried it,
how many times I have lost it
but I don’t dare ask for closure,
I guess I can’t tell anyone anything anymore.

This passion is tough to compare,
with the courage of a polar bear,
and my body is nothing less then a fortress of lions.
Looks like the ventriloquist lacks his oxygen.
I hate to say this but it makes me happy that it makes you sad.

Honesty all pays off with open minds.
Honesty all pays off with open hearts.
I had a pet wolf until I needed a coat
"you gotta do what you gotta do!"
it is what it is.

I came with confidence
and left with emptiness

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Deafheaven Sunbather

It’s 5 A.M…and my heart

flourishes at each passing moment

Always and forever


Quieres vivir la vida sin batallar
Sigues viviendo de tu pinchi pasado
Es típico de un pendejo retrasado.