Sam Weaver
Portland, OR
Canon 5D Mk II | Fuji X-E2

Your landscape photography is fantastic, but you also shoot downhill skateboarding events. Tell us a little about the sport and why you enjoy photographing it in such scenic environments.

For the most part it is skaters riding gravity down mountainous roads. I’m endlessly inspired by the way riders use and respond to the road. Even the roads themselves are inspiring, they can be beautiful structures designed to over come the brutality of nature. Seeing riders blast down an epic, scenic road is an art form unto itself. From a photographic stand point what’s not to like? Action, leading lines and a beautiful backdrop.

Tumblr: @theskatedistrict
Instagram: @skatedistrict


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But I don’t remember such a bone cold chill on such a spring day,
a man’s man, the wind through those New York trees,
cursed with oaks for feet, and a heart that wouldn’t beat in a torso so small


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